Playing. Listening. Production. Live Events. I love music.
I've loved music since I was a little boy. I can remember the day I heard Maiden's 'Piece of Mind' for the first time.  I had only been playing guitar for a short time but I played constantly. That day, my playing changed. My love for music was defined. That day changed my life. 
Just one year later, my playing had evolved significantly. I practiced for hours. I played every day. I thought I had heard it all. I was pretty confident in my abilities. Then it all changed again. In a tiny record store in Morgantown West Virginia, my grandmother and I heard something playing over the store speakers that just blew my young mind. It was Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force. It was unlike anything I had ever heard before. Fast and articulate. He was playing harmonic minors, arpeggios and triads that seemed to go on for days. 
That day changed my playing forever. My grandmother didn't have much money but knew I had to have it. She bought my first Malmsteen record. That woman was a Saint. 


A small collection of songs I composed around a horror theme using vocal libraries that feature Syrian, Indian and Israeli vocalists. Everything you hear is played by me on analog equipment or a Yamaha MO6.


It was a Saturday. I had an iPhone. I shot this video. It was fun.