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I specialize in Mobile Technologies, Desktop and Cloud Application Development with a strong focus on end user experience.
Building solutions around a model of flexibility and ease of use is how I approach challenges. I love this stuff! :-)
Projects are on time and to spec… every time.
Contact me, let's talk about your project. We can figure out how it should look and function. We’ll discuss costs involved and the best way to design it.
I look forward to serving you.
- Ash
FirmPOS Software is a leading club management and guest services platform that is used all over the world. With a strong focus on interface design and ease of use, FirmPOS is a 20 year brand that is recognized as an industry leader.
In December 2017, we launched SGX, the FirmPOS Guest Services Platform. This is a mobile first web app that integrates on your club website with just ONE line of Javascript. It connects the customer to a platform of buying and self servicing options never before possible.
With SGX, your customers can sign up, buy stuff, book classes, sign waivers, schedule services, add subscriptions and manage collections. RIGHT FROM YOUR WEBSITE. And that’s just the beginning! There are profit center plug-in services coming that will completely change this market.