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You have many choices when it comes to building a commercial application. Today's Internet has become saturated with so much noise, it's hard to find a great fit. Here's a couple reasons to consider working with me...


With over 25 years of commercial application experience, I know how to design successful platforms that scale. Areas of expertise include point of sale, billing systems, payment processing, scheduling, reporting, analytics, accounting, API creation, customer management, business systems, mobile technologies and many more.

Design & Engineering

As both a designer and engineer, I possess the unique ability to create applications that provide a great user experience while still being optimized for both performance and scalability. Innovation in the Cloud is where I thrive.

Ash Craig
Ash Craig

Software Designer

I specialize in Embedded Technologies, Web and Cloud Application Development with a strong focus on end user experience. Building solutions around a model of flexibility and ease of use is how I approach challenges. I love this stuff! :-)

Projects are on time and to spec… every time.

Contact me, let's talk about your project. We can figure out how it should look and function. We’ll discuss costs involved and the best way to design it. I look forward to serving you.

Ash Craig

My Brands

Here are a few of my commercial platforms.

FirmPOS Software
FirmPOS Software
Club Management / Guest Services
FirmPOS Anywhere is a modern club management and guest services platform designed to work with the flow of your club. Created to be feature rich without getting in your way. It allows you to manage customers and subscriptions, create recurring payments, sell merchandise and more.

Founded in 1998
Club Management / Guest Services
GuestXtreme is the first open source club management platform offering flat rate monthly pricing, unlimited boarding, private label branding, corporate profit channels and more.

GX is going to change the way you think about your business.

Founded in 2019
The TMX Bridge
TMX Bridge
Innovation - Tanning Industry
The TMX Bridge is an open source appliance that allows cloud based web apps to control T-Max® connected devices using a T-Max® Manager Pro or the Manager G2™. This was a huge innovation for us because the T-Max platform uses serial based communication and is generally 'one-to-one' connected. The TMX Bridge not only creates a one-to-many network but more importantly, it allows web browsers and mobile devices to control the tanning beds natively.

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